A, Pulp Paper Bleaching:

BAI has been providing consulting services to some of the major corporations involved in pulp paper bleaching and equipment suppliers for the pulp paper industry in the field of ozone technology and ozone mass transfer into low, medium and high consistency pulp during the past 15 years.

B, Medical and Hospital Waste Disinfection:

The medical and operating room waste when it is ground-up forms a slurry consisting of 5% solids (syringes, gauze, scalpels, blood, etc.) in water. BAI has provided consulting services for the pilot plant study and designed the first demonstration plant for the ozone disinfection of that waste slurry. BAI developed a ground breaking technology for the efficient mass transfer of ozone (up to 1000 mg/l) into the medical waste slurry. The design treatment capacity of the demonstration plant is 160 GPM slurry containing up to 5% solids (on the dry basis).

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