BAI has been providing treatability studies, process studies and full scale design for the treatment of industrial wastewater and process water utilizing ozone technology for more than 19 years. The projects included the removal of various organic contaminants such as phenols, EDTA, tributyl phosphate, etc., complexants, detergents, cyanides, heavy metals, silver and copper.

Many of the projects have been carried out for major US corporations, some on a confidential proprietary basis. The results of other projects were published jointly with our clients.

The published projects include among others:

  1. DuPont: Removal of Tributyl Phosphate
  2. Rockwell International: Removal of Organic Complexants
  3. IBM: Removal of iso-propanol, surfactants and other contaminants from Integrated Circuit Manufacturing
  4. Sealectro Corp: Removal of cyanides and treatment of plating waste
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Further information is available on request.