The Zebra Mussel (Dreissena polymorpha) infestation of raw water intake pipes and structures can seriously limit the water flow into hatcheries, drinking water treatment plants and cooling systems of power plants. A mechanical removal of the mussels might be required to restore the original flow.

In order to prevent the Zebra Mussel infestation of raw water pipes, Bollyky Associates, Inc. (BAI) has undertaken a laboratory and pilot plant program to develop an environmentally safe process that will not leave or produce undesirable or harmful chemicals in the water.

Among the chemical treatments tested, ozonation showed the most promise.

The available data indicate:

  1. Ozone treatment is an effective process.
  2. Small dissolved ozone concentrations are required 0.1 - 0.3 mg/l.
  3. There are special process requirements to be met to allow ozonation to be economical as well as effective.
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A side stream ozonation process was developed which involved the pumping of high concentration of dissolved ozone in water solution (15-25 mg/l), stabilized against decomposition, into the intake of the raw water pipe and blended it into the intake water. A patent was awarded to Bollyky Associates Inc. covering this process and the use of ozone for Zebra Mussel control.

Ideally, this ozonation process controls Zebra Mussel infestation and disinfects the water against pathogenic microorganisms at the same time. The beneficial effects important for various water applications include:


Drinking Water:

An 11 MGD side stream ozonation process was designed for a fish culture station in New England.

Further information is available on request.