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I, Specialists in Treatment Processes and Treatment Systems such as:

  1. Drinking Water Treatment:
  2. DI Water Systems
  3. Industrial Wastewater Treatment:
  4. Toxic & Hazardous Waste Treatment
  5. Water Recycling
  6. Advanced Oxidation Processes such as:
  7. Zebra Mussel Control
  8. Aquaculture and Aquarium Water Treatment
  9. Industrial Process Streams
  10. Treatment of Air Streams for Odor and Pollutant Removal

II, Design, Testing and Evaluation of:

  1. Ozone Generators
  2. Ozone Decomposers
  3. Ozone Contactors
  4. UV-Ozone Reactors
  5. Specialty Treatment Systems Design
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III, Treatability Studies, Laboratory and Pilot Plant Testing:

  1. Testing of Treatability of water and wastewater treatment samples in the BAI laboratories.
  2. The design and supply of pilot plants and carrying out on site pilot plant studies.
  3. Evaluation and testing of treatment systems, ozone generators and decomposers.

IV, Design of Full Scale Ozone Treatment Systems for:

  1. Drinking Water Treatment Plants
  2. Aquatic and Aquaculture Facilities
  3. Zebra Mussel Control
  4. Industrial Water and Wastewater Streams
  5. Agricultural Applications
  6. Industrial Process Streams

V, Consulting Services:

  1. Consulting Services Available on a Daily or Project Basis.
  2. Telephone Consulting Service is Available on a Short Term (20 minute) Basis.

VI, Publications:

VII, General Information:

More detailed information is available on the following subjects:

  1. Drinking Water Treatment Projects
  2. Zebra Mussel Control by Ozone Treatment
  3. Industrial Wastewater Treatment
  4. Typical Slurry Treatment Projects
  5. Ozone Treatment of Water for Aquatic Applications and Aquaculture
  6. DI Water Treatment Systems
  7. Cooling Tower Water Treatment
  8. Agricultural Products, Perishable Goods, Produce and Food Products

To arrange for any of the services outlined above or to obtain further information please contact BAI:

  1. E-mail: ljbbai@bai-ozone.com
  2. Telephone: 203-967-4223
  3. Fax: 203-967-4845
  4. For Publications:
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31 Strawberry Hill Ave., Stamford, CT 06902